Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry Blog,I have abandoned you

I know I'm not the only one and I'm not the first one either but I assume my error and yes,I din't do anything on my blog for about 20 days. So a bit of recapitulation won't hurt. Believe it or not the internet just went off. It seems like I don't have to do it but I'm going against all the forces of nature and Comcast and I will finish it.
First of all many thanks to all the bloggers who featured my shoes during the last month. I'd like to mention all of them but if I forget someone please don't be offended.
As you know ,we are right in the middle of the Wedding season,new styles are coming almost every day, I had a giveaway for a pair of Under the Sea shoes and I introduced the small clutch for bridesmaids or as the best accessory for a bridal set.
Second and very important ,etsy has changed their way to create treasuries,that means the chosen items for a front page,picked by sellers and buyer and now we have all the freedom and liberty to create as much as we want. That is why there are like 20.000 treasuries out there and it is much easier to find our own items. Craftopolis made it super fun with the treasury tracks and the new tool for tags it is just mind blowing.
here is the link :

I took a weekend off that I really enjoyed and it was very much needed and I'm ready for a next one,soon.
I added some pics to my facebook page and I'd love to have you as a friend if you are interested in communication:!/pages/norakaren/58934055934?ref=ts
If you want to follow my tweets for info on bridal events and news ,click here

I enjoyed very much the blog of Gold Crest bags :

As well as the homonimus blogger Everett Peacock :

Ladi Chic the Creative Director of F Records, LLC I am a Fashion Stylist/Innovator; a lover of all things Fashion, Music, Jewelry,Beauty, Art, Health, Fitness and Life~Styles also featured some shoes on her awesome blog:

And last but not least ,blogging since 2004 and a former student of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Miss Princess Dominique is an ageless beauty and owner of this excellent weekly shoe giveaway and the winner of my own "Under the Sea":

Finally Denee King a wonderful lady and colleague was proud to announce another FREE E-book about Marriage(specifically, its about wedding days) called What I Wish I’d Known Before The Wedding!. I was one of the writers and very happy!

And yes,the light blue mary janes made it to the front page of etsy on monday, as always ,very cool, and exciting!

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