Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bridesmaids dresses,done!

I got a very special request for 8 bridesmaids and their beautiful black dresses. They wanted peacocks real sized painted over the whole length of these gorgeous maxi dresses. Here is a bit of history,from start to ending.
From the start,just the patterns

Working on the colors 

First one finished

My two beautiful models

Pictures taken on Labor day

And the sun is still up

Final product with a young Bride! 

Party of 6, ready to strut! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I missed a whole month

Forgive me but this last month has been crazy,The wedding season is really busy and on the top of that I'm moving my studio.

I had the most innovative requests and I'm still working on the latest order: 8 bridesmaids dresses.
I had a shoe giveaway hosted by Flor de Maria Fashion that was a complete success!

Flats with initials and filigree

Cinderella shoes 

Mary Janes on teal with painted peacocks

Peacock shoes only painted,not dyed.

Ice Queen peep toes with bead flora's leaves by Fen.
Lilac Shoes with peacocks in purple,plum and sage

Tiffany blue flats with birds and chandeliers.

Just some images to share with all of you  out there,makes me feel closer to you.

norakaren Bridal Collection

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