Saturday, February 27, 2010

13 is a lucky number

I'm not supersticious. I never was and I will never be.
When I lived in South America people taught that 13 was a number that brings bad luck.
I found out that today I share 13 treasuries with a lot of talented people and just wanted to share them so you friend,fan or just shopper get ideas for your cart!
Love etsy handmade products. (I'm actually and alternate on one of them,so it is 12 and I do like that number) Please check out this great links:

Etsy Finds today

Etsy, the place to buy and sell everything handmade,posted a new article today With the Oscars theme in mind. Choosing red carpet looks from the many wonderful designers today's Etsy Finds is all about the best dressed list. This collection of celebrity-worthy designs was nominated by Etsy's community. And I have to honor to find my Sliver pumps painted with the "Proud as a Peacock" design on it. Please take a look at the feature:

I also released today the Shoes for Bridal Events on the Indian Wedding theme painted with peacock feathers matching the sari, my newest design on Gold Dyeable Satin Shoes.
Peacock feathers in gold peep toe pumps matching a sari in magenta,gold and pink hues for a traditional Indian Wedding. I love this pump,they are so classy and dramatic! They are not necessary just a match for an indian wedding,I can design this shoes for any other bridal event. They come in all sizes. Made of satin and fabric upper.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My own shoes,my own skin

I was so needing a pair of peep toes that I designed this ones for myself.
They are so stylish with jeans or a pencil skirt.
This custom pair belongs to the

Pheasant on the lake, painted peep toes Collection featured yesterday at the Storque on etsy.

A large amount of pheasant feathers hand painted one by one on this pair of gorgeous Peep toe Pumps.If you want a glamour treat to your feet here is the answer. I created them for a party of 5 of bridesmaids and now I offer this desgin to all my wonderful customers. You can also have this design on your own shoes or to customize white wedding shoes or to upcycle a forgotten pair and look unique and wearable again.. They are stunning for a night out,party,wedding or just to stand out of the crowds!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just one year of love...

it's better than a life time alone.One sentimental moment in you arms.....
I remember this song from 1988.
It was mi first year dating my boyfriend,now my husband.
The song,sang by Freddie Mercury the leader of Queen, was one of the central sound tracks for the movie Highlander ,when he is at the bar alone.
On cassette at the long trip on train I made with my family like every single summer.
But my boyfriend wasn't there and I missed him a lot.
I was only 18 years old.
Today we have been dating for 23 years and I feel overwhelmed. Just wanted to share this feeling with my friends and fans and let everybody know that love exist.
Not like in the Soap Operas.
The "real"thing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My bedroom was needing a makeover.

When I moved to this house I fell in love at first sight the the deep blue walls of the bedroom.
Only days after I knew I was pregnant and my desire to keep a clean room as well as a clean house was fading and other responsabilities took place so my chances to make this my dream bedroom were really short. After almost 3 years I decided that I needed my place back ,with no toys or small and dangerous objects. I needed a Sanctuary. That's what I seek in my bedroom. A place of solitude, a calming island in the middle of the adventurous days.The creation of a restful haven rests in one word. Comfort.

Prevailing home décor trends speak to definitive comfort, especially in the bedroom. We took a trip to the closest IKEA and I designed someway in my mind and in paper how to put all this ideas together. A dark blue duvet covers with lime green blooms, layered chenille blankets and sheets in pale green,yellow and tan bedskirt, and pillows galore in organic off white with green stitches,— and I had to have my favorite : a black pillow embroidered with white birds. Yes,feathers,you got that right.

Our daughter painted in off white our old vintage yellowish art deco bed tables and drawers and we got a new dresser with an old vintage feeling in off white too,replacing the old furniture. I took off the bed head and by the way I have a lot of vintage furniture to giveaway if someone is interested.

The theme for comfort plays on the trend of mixing fabrics and textures. It’s more about blending fabrics and colors that complement each other rather than exactly match each other.It’s about creating the unexpected. Uniqueness .It's about what makes you feel good.

On the other end of the flare spectrum, taking a cue from nature, many of today’s bedding styles incorporate bold designs but in patterns of leaves, botanicals and blooms — one of the most arresting looks is the mixing and matching of pillow covers and sheets in opposing hues of the bedspread .

I wish I had an old picture to show the : before and after,but trust me,this is much better and I'm happy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm going Bridal

With the new 2010 I started a whole collection of Bridal Shoes,an affair that took its first steps last year and it is giving me much more than just pleasure. I feel honored being someway part in one of the most memorable days of the life of women around the world,even if that means being at her feet. My designs on shoes are a new season in the life of norakaren and the theme collection makes clear a new concept of matching pieces to get a make a complete statement. Painted Shoes are usually one accessory the future wife choose to match a Themed Wedding.
Satin shoes are part of this romantic event filled with glamour and expectations. From classy to sassy,from simple to funky my shoes create a something blue detail or a heirloom memory.
Please check out my new models,tell your friends and why not leave a comment. I always appreciate constructive feedback.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I don't know what to say

Just to remember the mind behind the creations.
Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 runway collection and his version of Waterworld showcased shoes as alien-like creatures forced to adapt ,evolve and live in other environments. The fantasy heels on the runway looked like they were out of this world - or at least this land. They were super high, tribal-like and featured interestingly curved booties designed for the the animalistic and bold.Master of the extraordinary,the fantasy and the fascination. My respects for your talent.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Made it to the front page of etsy while I was at church

Today my phone was ringing like crazy. Everytime I get a new e-mail or a conversation , it starts to sound once any of my customers or friends send me any kind of info. I was going to enter the sanctuary when I got my first e-mail from Fen from BeadFloraJewels and after that a stream of ringings.
The reason why I knew a minute after when I saw the gold pumps for Valentine's on the colorful front page of was such a funny time!
Thanks to all my friends and team mates that congratulate me and thanks God because you never stop blessing me ,not even on sundays!

norakaren Bridal Collection

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