Saturday, June 28, 2008

My peacock flew and fell

On this gorgeous hand painted wrislet, he left its prints with shimmery feathers, fashionably on style day or night.

Brand new Eco white leather look alike, painted in gold,green,deep turquoise,copper and other green tones.

Three pockets inside. One pocket protected with invisible grey zipper ,You’ll find the pockets super convenient to carry keys,lip goss or even your cell phone.

A bit larger than your typical wristlet, this bag offers plenty of room for your checkbook and other essentials, too.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indian Summer...

Oh, how I remember that song ,it's so eighty, makes you wonder how old am I?
Well every trend in fashion comes back, ALWAYS, and now we have beteen us the tribal theme into prints,tops,tunics and every wearable item you can imagine. I was asked by the FDL Team, that means Fashion ,Design and Lifestyle to create a tribal themed item for our new summer collection and here it comes!
Check out for more of my crafty colleagues and their creative designs at and let your eyes enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Talking about Sarah Jessica Parker

Here is my new creation, a corset in purple lace look,size 34B. I painted the roses all over it in shiny purple,lavander and hot pink.It has adjustable straps to make it fit perfect. Fashionably in style! You can wear it for outfit or inside lingerie. It's up to you. Show it!
Pictures were taken inside and outside to display how it looks under different light. If you need it in another size or color, I will make it for you. Just it won't be exactly the same. I try to keep all my designs as unique as possible. I love to make custom orders!
Just contact me at

Laura's house of art.

Saturday night, my friend Laura organized dinner at her house featuring a whole arab theme and when I said arab I meant ALL ARAB! She prepared arab foods,some dishes that I never tried in my life like KEBAB? it's that the right name? Maybe someone can correct me and other names that I don't really remember. But essencially for an artist what it really catched my attention was her art: arab paintings all over the house.Actually one of the rooms is completely arab: paintings,furniture,decorations and everything you can imagine. It was a wonderful display of art and creativity and also seeing her very good taste,neatness and passion for what he does. So this is to you Laura ,cheers!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I just received my gifts from Smidge!

and I'm so excited. Thanks everybody. I'm wearing all the items you sent me and also the cards are super cute! thanks again
Take a look at the pic.
I'm also wondering if I should send my item to that same adress on the envelope?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh when the peacock go marching in!

I learned this song when I was very young.I heard it for the first time in spanish at the baptist church and I love it! The message is so great and powerful and best of all talks about the future. Aren't you interested in the future?
Let's go back to the peacock.Another young lady from church asked me for a custom order of a peacock painted in the back of a plus size dress.It looks very good right?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get ready for this?

This is my collection of hand painted jeans for 4th of July. Choose your design and have it on your own favorite jeans. Celebrate in unique style with my Americana Designs.
They come in sizes 4 to 14 or plus sizes by request. Just contact me for your costum order or your selection from this one of a kind designs:

For paintings only substract $ 20 off!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Contact me at

Another peacock bites the dust!

Kimberly asked me to paint this peacock on the dress she will be wearing on saturday for her Bridal Shower! What an honor is being there with my art in such an amazing event!
Thanks Kimberly for letting me be part of this worderful moment in your life.

Happy Father's Day


Friday, June 13, 2008


Let the night surround you and Shine!
Wear this amazing work of art on a Jessica McClintock purple satin gown. The black paisley and royal motifs had been painted on the skirt. The gown features two pockets at the sides(very useful and in total fashion,like the ones worn at Bush's Girl Wedding for the bridesmaids)where you can keep your keys,lipstick or that little thing you are thinking. Under the skirt fits another tulle skirt and a second purple silky layer. The gown has a lot of movement and volume. Can be worn strapless or halter(as pictured)
Comes in a size 14 but can be custom made at your needs or in your own gown. Maybe you have one in the closet that you tought on never wear again, now is the time to give it a makeover and be the center stage of the party.

Find it at $ 149 + shipping at

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm working on it

Well, I know prom season it's over but I just started working on this gorgeous purple gown, because what it's not over, not even started is summer. Ready to show those bronzed tan shoulders at the party of your dreams. No more Cinderella, the right look: purple with...isn't that lace?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday Night MAG

MAG is the name of the Etsy Miami based team shared by many etsian creatives and crafters. I'm so glad I met this girls personally. You know how is the internet, very useful, but so cold. Everything is virtual, no skin, no words, no emotion.
On the contrary at this meeting I felt alive, I drove into those fashion artistic and modern stores and streets that make Miami a gorgeous center for the arts. Galleries, Cooperatives,Small stores,Traditional spaces,Tropical lanscapes,Typical art deco buildings, Turistic center and Wonderful human beings. I wanted to take the chance to show you all but I have space for one and only picture so I choose Churchill's Pub Front , where we met. Featured: my husband , my driver and my love: Mano.

Check out our store at
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Pink Denim Jacket Hand Painted and Beaded matching Daintycrochet Pink Bracelet.

This is a unique pink jacket in size 10. It's a very washed pink. Brand new Azara from France. Is one of a kind and my original design. No other sizes.
Check it out at my online store or just open this link

I use fabric paint.The paint doesn't fade and the colors stay shiny always. Painted in gold,copper and silver are water resistant because they are real fabric paint. Siver beading added.
Regular wash or hand wash is recommended. No dry clean, no bleach,no fabric softener,please. When iron , don't press on painting.

To view the CROCHET SEXY BRACELET FUCHSIA BUTTONS RINGS just open this link that will direct you to my dear etsian Aly Hymel.

If you prefer to have this design on your own favorite jacket,jeans or dress ,send them to me and I will charge you only for the painting.

Hope you love them!!
E-mail me for any questions at

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now Free Shipping on all my Peacock clothing for adults.

I'm proud to present my wonderful peacock designed to fit a great cotton tee shirt. Printed on a 100% cotton black tee shirt.And now take advantage of the Free Shipping It comes in black in sizes:


If you need a size not available here I will find it by request.

In round collar choose from many colors and sizes:

Tees are available in Youth sizes S-XL and Adult sizes S-XL. White and Black Adult tees are available in S-3X.

Please at check out specify:size and color
Care: regular or hand wash recommended. No dry clean, no bleach and no fabric softener please. If iron don't press on painting.

Hope you love it. Find it at or
E-mail me for any questions at

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Show some skin...

It seems like summer is t-shirt time. I had 2 request from 2 different groups about t-shirt designs. I know whats happening, you want to show! Summer is exposure so, keep it rolling, show what you got , show me what you want to say.Who are you? What you do? I love this people who represent themselves with big bold letters on black t-shirts. My son has one that says in big bold letters: Global Warming is nothing next to Eternal Burning. Wow! Touchy! I show you in this picture a new design for a christian ballet team that I'm proud to feature(My sister dance there) . They are commited to dance to the Lord and they are not ashamed to say it. I'm planning on making another design full colored, but this one looks good even in the chubby ones!

norakaren Bridal Collection

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