Sunday, March 29, 2009

norakaren's giveaway

I won a necklace last week on a giveaway and I just received it.
It is awesome glamour!
And it gave me the idea of having one giveaway right here at my own blog. To participate just leave a comment about your favorite item,any item ,it could be clothing,accesories or vintage from my page at click my etsymini at the left side to go straight to the store.
Isn't that easy?
The date of the random winner will be april 11th so hurry,only a few days to participate. This brown canvas tote bag completely handpainted will go to the winner of the giveaway .Good luck!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm the winner of the Oligoville Giveaway!

Oligo Giveaway #06 (Ended: Winner Nora G. from Boca Raton, FL)

March 8, 2009 by jasper

Oligoville has partnered with Nola Bella Jewelry, to bring you another great giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a Butterflies, Beetles, and Bees, Oh My! Necklace from Nola Bella Jewelry.

Who says insects are icky? Vintage brass insects adorned with pearls is a unique mix of mother nature to wear around your neck. Brass Chain, brass stampings, and white mother or pearl. (PS - this is super lightweight!) Hangs approx. 32″. Stampings measure between 1.5″ -2″.

A Little About Nola Bella Jewelry

What started out as a hobby has now grown into the full-fledged jewelry line, NolaBella. Jill Scharmen felt she needed a creative outlet from her technical job in the apparel industry, and has always loved and collected jewelry. With some “how-to” classes behind her, she started making creations out of seed beads (the craze at the time), and with each new piece came a new compliment. From there, most of what she designed was self-taught, and she quickly moved into more expensive and better quality stones.

Over time, Jill saw herself develop a certain style that is deep in vintage inspiration; taking cues from the 60’s all the way to the 80’s, and of course from the decade she remains true to as a self-proclaimed 70’s child. Ever since, Jill has strived to retain that unique and one-of-a-kind feel to all of her pieces. She chooses materials that include sterling silver and 14k gold filled components. Her pieces wouldn’t be complete without semi-precious and gemstones alike, as well as natural shell, coral and the ever present black mother of pearl.

NolaBella Jewelry can be found in boutiques in San Francisco as well as other retailers across the United States.

Registration for this giveaway closes on Monday Mar. 16th at 12:00 AM (CST). The winner will be randomly selected and announced in our next round of newsletters along with information to our next great giveaway. Please note, you must be living within the United States to qualify for this giveaway.

For designers who would like to participate in our Oligo Giveaway events, please email product information to our fashion director, Claudette Elizondo

For the complete note click here

Colors of Spring Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Trunk Show This Thursday!

EVENT: Colors of Spring through Fashion, Design and Lifestyle
A Trunk show by the FDL etsy team!
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
Location: Etsy's Virtual Lab- Gallery room

Members of the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle team (fdlteam) will host an online Trunk Show "live" using one of Etsy's virtual lab rooms. The designers and artists will present a wide range of fashion, art and jewelry inspired by the beauty of Spring. Many of the artists will be on hand to chat with the viewing public about their design process. So please join us for an evening of colorful items and commentary. We hope to see you there!

For an advanced look at some of FDL's talented members, please visit our blog.

Or, search etsy for 'fdlteam' to view our current listings.

See you on the 26th of March at 7pm EST in the virtual labs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

if I could catch a treasury

and I could make it to the Front Page,this would be it: Volare!

Stargazer by Prettybetty
Beijing by tiedandfeathered
Peasant dispatch by mash
Liaison Custom made by liaison
Whimsical by kristensteinfineart
Blue hummingbird by MaruMaru
My Haute Couture by funwallart
Angel at my table by attiladesign
DEMIMONDE by SheelaGoh
Drake by LovMely
Vintage-Style feather by kill2bebeautiful
Lala feather Cocktail Ring by Lovlet
Fabric Origame Peace by Assianexpressions
Fussy Peacock Earring by MiaBeads
and my own Peacock on Starry Night

Monday, March 2, 2009


Wearable art, also known as Artwear or "art to wear", refers to individually designed pieces of (usually) hand-made clothing or jewelry created as fine or expressive art. While the making of any article of clothing or other wearable object typically involves aesthetic considerations, the term wearable art implies that the work is intended to be accepted as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement. Pieces may be sold and/or exhibited. The modern idea of wearable art seems to have surfaced more than once in various forms. Marbeth Schon's book on modernist jewelry (see the section on jewelry below) refers to a "wearable art movement" spanning roughly the years 1930 to 1960. A 2003 New York Times review of a book on knitting refers to "the 60s Art to Wear movement". [1]

Most wearable art is made of fibrous materials and constitutes therefore a branch of the wider field of fiber art, which includes both wearable and non-wearable forms of art using fabric and other fiber products. Wearable art as an artistic domain can also of course include jewelry, or clothing made from non-fiber materials such as leather, plastic sheeting, metals, etc.

Definition by wikipedia....what is your definition? Are you an art lover? Do you dare to wear art as fashion? Leave your comment.

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