Saturday, May 31, 2008

Debutante Ball at FDL Team

FDL stands for Fashion ,Design and Lifestyle, a team whose goal is to unite similar minded enthusiastic artistic people, who are passionate about style, fashion, life and good taste in every step of their daily lives.We share an online stores that proudly opens its doors , tomorrow, sunday June 1st. Here are some of the designs you will be able to enjoy and buy. Add it to your favorites.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Dress is finally ready!

I made a whole dress completly from Upcycled Denim Pants. You can call it : Blue Denim Dress with Turquoises and Paisley. The dress was constructed for the grand opening of our shared store by the members of the FDL Team. The long waited date will be June 1st so be ready for shopping!
Dress constructed in many pieces of bootleg jeans in 4 different blue denim tones. Paisley:made of hand sewn Turquoise stones and red fabric hand paint. The stitches are finished with sewing maching but the inside as well as the pattern are one of the kind. Save the earth and look gorgeous!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fashion,Design and Lifestyle Debutante Ball

Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle: Debutante Ball Team Project May 2008

I am lucky to belong to a very talented team on called Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle aka FDL. We get a lot of information from each other,promote our shops(many members have been featured here)and we collaborate and discuss about trends, color,fashion and styles.The team just recently decided to open up a store on etsy. ( )and I'd love you to go there and post your comments or take a look at our creative members blogs and pics.I'm still working on my dress , very hard work on a totally upcycled patchwork theme, that means, using bootlegs from many differents kinds and tones on blue jeans, I created a dress, that fits like a glove. I added real turquoise beadings and flowers, in turquoise too ( our chosen color).I can't wait to post the pictures, in the meantime,go there,observe and be ready for shopping!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet lady, Laura B.

Laura B. is another one of the many great artist I met at , a place where everything is handmade.I copied some of her profile here, but I have also my own opinions about her, if you want, bear with me:
She says :I love vintage, handmade, unique, treasures, finds, photographs, fabric, wallpaper, paper and making.
I say : she is funky( she likes Bjork)she is sweet(she loves peanut butter chocolate hearts)she is a wonderful family girl (she brunchs at Mums with Mum and L, Granny, Aunty, Uncle and Little cuz no 14)she is a good cooker, something that I'm not (made tastey carrot onion and celery soup mmmmmm)and she is a creative person who list amazing Yibbles on etsy. I believe she is a lot more and I want you to meet her to , so check out her page at

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Queen from Florida

Queen of Hearts is the name of this beautiful painting by Cat. Her blog features pages full of art in paintings,pictures and photographies. She is an amAzing and talented artist. I love her simplicity and the way she shows her feelings in the girls faces and eyes. You can learn more about her in her good old blog: http://darklingwood s.livejournal. com or in the new one:
http://darklingwood s.blogspot. com , both equally artistic.

Cat (darklingwoods)
Florida, United States
artist, sometime storyteller, curiosity seeker, reader and dreamer ah and not to forget wife, mum and and art teacher!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Working 9 to 5 Girl.....

This is the femenine version of working 9 to 5 boys suit. This handpainted onesie comes in all baby sizes from newborn(as shown) to 24 and toddler sizes in t-shirts.
Check all my other funky and funny baby designs at
The sale price is $15 + shipping and if you need more than one for a baby shower or other event please e-mail me at
Have a great memeorial day weekend. Take some time to spend with family, friends, faith and fashion and don't forget to rest.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pam Anderson, crafty girl

Believe or not she has nothing to envy to the baywatch girl, she is blonde and creative and she was blessed with family and off course the beach. So ,where is the difference? I love what Pamela creates, mostly her bags, they are awesome , cute and big, like the ones you need for a day under the sun in Miami Beach or to go to the fresh market. This one I choose from her site at, but you can find more treasures there.She has also a blog, check it out:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jennifer saw the light!

I met Jennifer on april 26th at Island Fest, Tampa. She is a wonderful and talented designer of shades and a great person and collegue too. We share many common interest , as many other etsian members and we participate in an awesome team called etsyfest. Here is her latest introduccion today: is the new create your own nightlight listing on What a great idea! You know, for $20 you can't beat this for adding a little glow to your life or providing one in someone else's. I chose this sahde called Just Because it's sooooome.
Check out some nightlights She've made for her clients at

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She is the Queen

I love what Michelley does. She does everything! I took some info from her etsy profile and pics you can enjoy also .She was born an inherently dramatic child, in the great state of NJ, in the late '60s, to equally dramatic parents. Tot by fairy tales, the notion that her Cuban American father grew up somewhere akin to Gilligan's island, and Bugs Bunny in drag.
She knows how to tattoo, paint, craft and do graphic design.
She owns a small gallery and tattoo studio near Florida's West Central Gulf Coast
If you'd like to see more of her work or for a complete bio, check out her website;

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Genny has talent!

I met Genny at one of the many etsy teams and I loved everything she makes. Her jewelry is amazing, and that hand crafting talent that she has, one that I don't have, makes me realize how different we are and how we can complement each other , right? Good job, Genny! I added a picture of this piece of art, that she posted, what a coincidence, on april 12th, my birthday.Gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Best seller ever!

Hi. How was your mother's day? I wish it was filled with joy like mine. We went to a nice argentinean restaurant with family and friends and I enjoyed their presence and the food, off course!
My purple dresses are gone. So I'm planning to go for more dresses soon. I want to receive the new season full of dresses and printed shirts.
What's new with you?

Sunday, May 4, 2008



norakaren Bridal Collection

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