Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fashion,Design and Lifestyle Debutante Ball

Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle: Debutante Ball Team Project May 2008

I am lucky to belong to a very talented team on called Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle aka FDL. We get a lot of information from each other,promote our shops(many members have been featured here)and we collaborate and discuss about trends, color,fashion and styles.The team just recently decided to open up a store on etsy. ( )and I'd love you to go there and post your comments or take a look at our creative members blogs and pics.I'm still working on my dress , very hard work on a totally upcycled patchwork theme, that means, using bootlegs from many differents kinds and tones on blue jeans, I created a dress, that fits like a glove. I added real turquoise beadings and flowers, in turquoise too ( our chosen color).I can't wait to post the pictures, in the meantime,go there,observe and be ready for shopping!

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