Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Queen from Florida

Queen of Hearts is the name of this beautiful painting by Cat. Her blog features pages full of art in paintings,pictures and photographies. She is an amAzing and talented artist. I love her simplicity and the way she shows her feelings in the girls faces and eyes. You can learn more about her in her good old blog: http://darklingwood s.livejournal. com or in the new one:
http://darklingwood s.blogspot. com , both equally artistic.

Cat (darklingwoods)
Florida, United States
artist, sometime storyteller, curiosity seeker, reader and dreamer ah and not to forget wife, mum and and art teacher!


Athena's Armoury said...

Lovely feature of a lovely artist!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

thank you so much for the feature in your lovely blog!


Laura B said...

Hi Nora,
I just found you through the FD&L team and I love your blog. You have a knack for highlighting wonderful artists and designers :)

Laura B said...

I would be honoured!

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