Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet lady, Laura B.

Laura B. is another one of the many great artist I met at , a place where everything is handmade.I copied some of her profile here, but I have also my own opinions about her, if you want, bear with me:
She says :I love vintage, handmade, unique, treasures, finds, photographs, fabric, wallpaper, paper and making.
I say : she is funky( she likes Bjork)she is sweet(she loves peanut butter chocolate hearts)she is a wonderful family girl (she brunchs at Mums with Mum and L, Granny, Aunty, Uncle and Little cuz no 14)she is a good cooker, something that I'm not (made tastey carrot onion and celery soup mmmmmm)and she is a creative person who list amazing Yibbles on etsy. I believe she is a lot more and I want you to meet her to , so check out her page at

1 comment:

Laura B said...

Thanks so much for the feature, and your words are too kind! I eat at my mum's because she makes a mean omlet and I make soup because it is cheap and easy :)

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