Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's rock this week!

It is so hard to start a new week and at the same time there is a lot of hope involved.
I put together some rockabilly looks to kick this coming week since the first hour. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I usually write about fashion

But we celebrated yesterday my sister's bridal shower.We have been planning it for a long time.
She wanted a hot pink and black combo on a damask theme. I purchased many items online at fellow etsian shops such as: lip shaped soap favors from www.

ShowerMe ,damask invitations from www.

,utensils and table clothes.
We had two awesome cakes made by good friends ,one of the ,our wondeful cake maker Monica Nazario and the other one believe it or not made by the best man at Vivian's wedding.
Vero and Flor were in charge of food,that gladly filled our event purchased at Cotsco and I have to say that pastries and goodies are really good.Many of the girls were wearing hot pink and black.
I stood for black alone ,of course. And Valeria was radiant,shiny,glowing.
It was a busy afternoon followed by a great storm and a night to remember with friends,family and coworkers. We played a game of dressing a model with tissue paper and making a gown out of it. I was freaking out. That was my moment. I was creating the dress when I saw the other girls having fun with it and making bows and stuff on her hair.She started to look like a joke.
That is when I realized I wasn't on Project Runway! It was only a game!
Just wanted to show you some pictures to enjoy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

She blogged about my shoes

Astrid,that is her name,isn't it awesome? She blogged about many designers creations with peacock feathers and I loved it,of course. Please take a look at this wonderful blog. Enjoy! She is a wonderful painter,designer of cards and much more.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dawanda is hosting a competition.

It all started with
: Hi there Nora,Fancy winning your favourite product on DaWanda?

I love when they write fancy,it is so british.I remember at the Bridget Jones Diary movie when her mom ask her if she fancies a gerkin,and I laughed. That is because I don't usually hear people talking like that all the time. There is nothing I love more than the real english accent,I can still catch it in some song from Freddy Mercury and Elton Jhon.
So caming back to my topic I have been invited to the first Blogger Competition!
And this is my chance to let all my fellow followers know more about Dawanda,a web site for the handmade lovers most popular in Europe. Visit DaWanda! and take a look at the wonderful designers and artist featured under one big web roof.
I found a very interesting handbag creator called AnnaBelleBags. She makes the most gorgeous holster bags.
My favourite
is a pink metallic Bag with holster of high-class pleather and a snakeskin effect.
All range of colours and styles are to be found at her page. Please take a look at my fave and browse for the one you'd love. Here you are going to have all the info about this product
Of course they have in their collection the always trendy black and other neutral option the rusty gold tone or as they call it ,lemon metallic. You can find some inspiration on their Trend Pages.

Welcome to Dawanda,enjoy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crazy Twisted Shoes!

Here my many designs on White Shoes: Dyeables,Peep toe Pumps ,Flats and High heels.These are just examples of how white wedding shoes can be customized at your needs or upcycled and look unique and wearable again..Great to match your wedding gown,bridesmaid dress,outfit or theme!
They are stunning for a night out,party,wedding or just to stand out of the crowds!

If you like to have this design in your own shoes please send me a conversation first to talk about design,color,background,etc.
The listing includes whole shoe painting in a chosen background color and design. You might need to send me your shoes or I can purchase them for you at an additional price.

For more designs and styles check out my page at

Sunday, June 7, 2009

if She is happy,I'm happy!

From many years that has been my policy,seeing my customers happy when they receive their custom orders.Well I actually don't see them until they send me pictures of how they look wearing jeans,jackets and shoes. Last week I was happily shocked when I knew about a former customer who posted her new shoes in her blog and not only that,she create a whole article about recycling and upcycling shoes around the painting on the vintage shoes she purchased from me.
I invite you to take a look at this wonderful blog of Erin.
Also Lisa sent me her pictures wearing the hummingbird on jeans and she is so excited she is sending me another pair. What a great way to upcycle and renew clothes and our wardrobe.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last but not least

News..craftopolis implemented a clock for the Treasury lovers ..yay..great idea

Finally I created this pair of shoes on a pair of almost destroyed but very good quality cork shoes
Paint them all black and added my signature Peacock Feather..take a look,good as new!

And by the way,the new pictures in the slide show is for all who enjoy I love the 80's a way to go back and remmeber those days.

norakaren Bridal Collection

Create your own video slideshow at