Sunday, June 28, 2009

I usually write about fashion

But we celebrated yesterday my sister's bridal shower.We have been planning it for a long time.
She wanted a hot pink and black combo on a damask theme. I purchased many items online at fellow etsian shops such as: lip shaped soap favors from www.

ShowerMe ,damask invitations from www.

,utensils and table clothes.
We had two awesome cakes made by good friends ,one of the ,our wondeful cake maker Monica Nazario and the other one believe it or not made by the best man at Vivian's wedding.
Vero and Flor were in charge of food,that gladly filled our event purchased at Cotsco and I have to say that pastries and goodies are really good.Many of the girls were wearing hot pink and black.
I stood for black alone ,of course. And Valeria was radiant,shiny,glowing.
It was a busy afternoon followed by a great storm and a night to remember with friends,family and coworkers. We played a game of dressing a model with tissue paper and making a gown out of it. I was freaking out. That was my moment. I was creating the dress when I saw the other girls having fun with it and making bows and stuff on her hair.She started to look like a joke.
That is when I realized I wasn't on Project Runway! It was only a game!
Just wanted to show you some pictures to enjoy.

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Struggler said...

The-dressing-the-model game sounds like a lot of fun! Love the pink and black theme too.

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