Monday, December 22, 2008

and now for the last Christmas color: GREEN

I made my own treasury again since it is so hard to find room on etsy.It makes me remember the story of Jesus when He was born and their parents could not find room in a regular inn so they ended up in a manger.Sometimes we are so busy that He can't find room in our schedules either.
I put together my collection of favorites and best seller for you to enjoy in the color of today for organics and not so :Green.
Here featured are some products from the one a day challenge team( a group of ladies that formed to take on Bittersweets challenge to create on item a day. The challenge began in April for a month. After the challenge, we liked each other so much that we kept on) and daintycrochetbyaly. Enjoy!!

The Challengettes are :
Amy aka aclairejewelry
Athena aka AthenaCreates
Cara aka carapace
Celeste aka Cricket's Creations
Chrissy aka Bittersweets
Deborah aka TheGaudyGoddess
Elle aka downthestreet
Emily aka TinkerWare
Fen aka BeadFloraJewels
Funda aka DasheDesigns
Ginny aka ginpins
Heather aka BeadifulBaublesSC
Holly Anne aka PrettyBetty
Jennifer aka iWunder
Jessica aka OnceUponARock
Joanne aka jjmckillip
Julie aka JooolesDesign
Kara aka CoryellDesign
Karen aka yarrow1
Kila aka go2girl
Kristin aka kmaylward
Kylie aka EarlyBirdCreations
Linda aka lolabear
Lindi aka LinDesigns
Meagan aka KaedanKrafts
Melissa aka RainyDayArt
Nora aka norakaren
Rachel aka themagpiesdaughter
Sarah aka AFineDistraction
Sue aka maddyandme
Teresa aka YarntoSpin

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wanted my own red treasury

For christmas time and this holiday season I wanted to create a new red treasury but it was hard to find room again.So I gather some great pics of my favorite moments during the year : my daughter holding Sebas, the red flowers my husband bought for me at thanksgiving,my son wearing his red pajamas in his small shelter under the cabinets, my sweet lovely Mano at the beach on 4th of July, my adorable son holding his little bro ,my brother in law and nephew who I miss so much, my red owl tee that I created and sold same day ,my friend Aly and son wearing the new tunic,my beautiful sister dancing for the Lord at the Christmas play at Church. This are truly treasuries. reds,burgungies,crimsons and the whole pantone.

Monday, December 15, 2008

GOLDEN YEARS...Remembering Heath Ledger when he was a good knight

I wanted to make a treasury in gold to remember the song of the movie,one of many good ones from A knight's tale,but it was impossible to find room. So I created one for myself and the ones who enjoy gold at this time of the year..I believe we are many....

norakaren Bridal Collection

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