Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Real Weddings

The latest brides are getting married. All the girls that ordered shoes are sending me her pictures wearing the custom made wedding shoes and me,being thankful and why not a bit proud wanted to share. For now,Reji,with her purple peacock themed wedding and Sonia with her Indian motif event. Thanks ladies,what an honor!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Shoe Challenge

After a busy week designing for the next upcoming weddings I woke up today at a lot of friendly e-mails about my sandals being featured at the etsy Front Page.,as you can see at the left of this article.It was fun and a happy time,I was sleeping but it was a good feeling.Nice views and fans.March was a month of challenging and changing times. I enjoyed two concerts,one with each one of my kids (teens or almost there) Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline at Bank Atlantic
on Fort Lauderdale

and Toby Mac / Skillet at Cruzan Amphiteatre. I never danced like this,two weekends in a row and I''m not 20 anymore!

My girl walked Via Dolorosa

and danced at church last night

Jimmito ,my nephew completed 3 years of age and the shoes keep falling on my head.

I just finished a new design on silver low heels and new hot pink mary janes on the way. I acomplished my goal of working with 2 supplier with a short range of pricing but giving my customers the chance to decide which ones suits better their needs and there is still 2 more days before finishing. Next weekend,I will be at Village Arts Mart,who is creating a niche for indie/d.i.y./progressive/eco-friendly artists, musicians, performance artists,visionaries,creators,dreamers and well ,whatever other unexpected oddities thay may find their way to us.If you want to visit me(I encourage you)let me know and I will give you directions.
A bride showed me the awseome pictures of her indian wedding and I'm still shocked at the grandeur and splendor of that event.Scrol down until Sonia and Pankit

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The lime green bride from Germany

There are times when the custom orders come with innovation and imagination and I wanted to share the story,here with ficticious names and get to the point to display the possibilities of a new creation.
She said:
Hello there,first of all: You are creating truly beautiful things! Well, my name is NEWBRIDE and, I am from Germany and I am getting married next year. That's why I have started looking for the perfect shoes. I love shoes and that's why it is really important to me that I find "the" ones :) So, I was looking all over Etsy and came across your shop and loved your designs immediately! Especially the matching sari Wedding shoes. I've got a couple of questions, could you paint shoes and a matching clutch? I have found two items I just loved on (shoes: and clutch: ) but I don't know if those are that possible? I found those shoes a couple of weeks ago, in a beautiful lime green, but they were sold out in my size, so I couldn't order them, but if they could be died and partly painted it would be a dream come true.

Oh,the new ideas....when we keep talking about the design,I knew she was a furniture designer and wanted to use her own motif to the green shoes and clutch. I applaud her creative side!
Now I find green and lime green creations everywhere,so here for the ones that are looking for that "something green" for their big day.

From ChloeandMaddy

From ToonDesign

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Season on Wikipedia

It was funny to find what Wikipedia considers important about Weddings. And I discovered some stories that I already knew from tv show and movies that I almost forgot and they kept safe for us to remember.
"The One with Ross's Wedding" from Friends.
Pam's Wedding at the Office.
Heidi's wedding on The Hills.
"Lisa's Wedding" is the 19th episode of The Simpsons' sixth season
And last but not least Project Runway Season 1 was the first season of Project Runway, .... Working with their chosen models, the designers created a wedding dress for that model.
I have seen some of this episodes that I wanted to mix with some of my new creations. The say a bride needs " something old( the episodes),something new (the shoes) and something blue (guess!)

norakaren Bridal Collection

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