Saturday, March 20, 2010

The lime green bride from Germany

There are times when the custom orders come with innovation and imagination and I wanted to share the story,here with ficticious names and get to the point to display the possibilities of a new creation.
She said:
Hello there,first of all: You are creating truly beautiful things! Well, my name is NEWBRIDE and, I am from Germany and I am getting married next year. That's why I have started looking for the perfect shoes. I love shoes and that's why it is really important to me that I find "the" ones :) So, I was looking all over Etsy and came across your shop and loved your designs immediately! Especially the matching sari Wedding shoes. I've got a couple of questions, could you paint shoes and a matching clutch? I have found two items I just loved on (shoes: and clutch: ) but I don't know if those are that possible? I found those shoes a couple of weeks ago, in a beautiful lime green, but they were sold out in my size, so I couldn't order them, but if they could be died and partly painted it would be a dream come true.

Oh,the new ideas....when we keep talking about the design,I knew she was a furniture designer and wanted to use her own motif to the green shoes and clutch. I applaud her creative side!
Now I find green and lime green creations everywhere,so here for the ones that are looking for that "something green" for their big day.

From ChloeandMaddy

From ToonDesign

norakaren Bridal Collection

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