Friday, June 6, 2008

Pink Denim Jacket Hand Painted and Beaded matching Daintycrochet Pink Bracelet.

This is a unique pink jacket in size 10. It's a very washed pink. Brand new Azara from France. Is one of a kind and my original design. No other sizes.
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I use fabric paint.The paint doesn't fade and the colors stay shiny always. Painted in gold,copper and silver are water resistant because they are real fabric paint. Siver beading added.
Regular wash or hand wash is recommended. No dry clean, no bleach,no fabric softener,please. When iron , don't press on painting.

To view the CROCHET SEXY BRACELET FUCHSIA BUTTONS RINGS just open this link that will direct you to my dear etsian Aly Hymel.

If you prefer to have this design on your own favorite jacket,jeans or dress ,send them to me and I will charge you only for the painting.

Hope you love them!!
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Thanks Nora for featuring my bracelet, nice jacket, have a great day!! ;-)

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