Thursday, February 18, 2010

My bedroom was needing a makeover.

When I moved to this house I fell in love at first sight the the deep blue walls of the bedroom.
Only days after I knew I was pregnant and my desire to keep a clean room as well as a clean house was fading and other responsabilities took place so my chances to make this my dream bedroom were really short. After almost 3 years I decided that I needed my place back ,with no toys or small and dangerous objects. I needed a Sanctuary. That's what I seek in my bedroom. A place of solitude, a calming island in the middle of the adventurous days.The creation of a restful haven rests in one word. Comfort.

Prevailing home décor trends speak to definitive comfort, especially in the bedroom. We took a trip to the closest IKEA and I designed someway in my mind and in paper how to put all this ideas together. A dark blue duvet covers with lime green blooms, layered chenille blankets and sheets in pale green,yellow and tan bedskirt, and pillows galore in organic off white with green stitches,— and I had to have my favorite : a black pillow embroidered with white birds. Yes,feathers,you got that right.

Our daughter painted in off white our old vintage yellowish art deco bed tables and drawers and we got a new dresser with an old vintage feeling in off white too,replacing the old furniture. I took off the bed head and by the way I have a lot of vintage furniture to giveaway if someone is interested.

The theme for comfort plays on the trend of mixing fabrics and textures. It’s more about blending fabrics and colors that complement each other rather than exactly match each other.It’s about creating the unexpected. Uniqueness .It's about what makes you feel good.

On the other end of the flare spectrum, taking a cue from nature, many of today’s bedding styles incorporate bold designs but in patterns of leaves, botanicals and blooms — one of the most arresting looks is the mixing and matching of pillow covers and sheets in opposing hues of the bedspread .

I wish I had an old picture to show the : before and after,but trust me,this is much better and I'm happy.


Ruthie said...

Looks nice and snuggly!

Elle said...

Such a beautiful sanctuary! Well done and well deserved! said...

I love the duvet!
So soothing and comforting. Very pretty.

Nora said...

Thanks my friends..I'm so happy!

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