Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm going Bridal

With the new 2010 I started a whole collection of Bridal Shoes,an affair that took its first steps last year and it is giving me much more than just pleasure. I feel honored being someway part in one of the most memorable days of the life of women around the world,even if that means being at her feet. My designs on shoes are a new season in the life of norakaren and the theme collection makes clear a new concept of matching pieces to get a make a complete statement. Painted Shoes are usually one accessory the future wife choose to match a Themed Wedding.
Satin shoes are part of this romantic event filled with glamour and expectations. From classy to sassy,from simple to funky my shoes create a something blue detail or a heirloom memory.
Please check out my new models,tell your friends and why not leave a comment. I always appreciate constructive feedback.


Illyanna said...

Nothing much of constructive feedback. But just stopping to say they are gorgeous!
I know the green re not really wedding shoes, but wow they are hot.
Though... I always love all your stuff :)

Nora said...

Thanks Illy
I appreciate your very nice comment and I consider them constructive feedback because I'm always learning.
I love having people as yourself reading my blog.
Thanks a lot
ps. aussies are the best!

Ruthie said...

I always love your shoes - but my fav pair is the one's that look like a blue mosaic...

Becca said...

I Love the black shoes :) beautiful!

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