Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A flower with my name

Last night I was following the threads on the community forum of etsy ,when I noticed I was 45 pages behind in my redaing since sunday night....This girls communicate a lot! So rather than keeping with every post I jumped into the names of any one of the member of the ONEADAYCHALLENGE team and checked their shops. That is when I found that beadflora created a flower named after every team member's name. That is so neat and wonderful, and right there I found my flower that is off course sorrounded by peacock feathers, in a black and white beading theme(very me,and actually my favorite combination) and I went to bed happy that the days wasn't only for work but for art and for people who still think of others and create thinking on them . Congrats, you made my day!
Take a chance to visit BeadFloraJewels.etsy.com , the shop devoted to doing beaded flowers with the French technique. Each flower is made with great attention to detail. She creates flowers made of beads for any ocassion. Check out her wedding bouquet showpieces, they are stunning!


Ellen said...

Fen certainly knows her way around those little beads! And I love the Nora inspired one... it really is SO you!

BeadFlora said...

Thanks Nora for featuring me :) You're so sweet.

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