Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fiebre de sabado a la tarde

Or even better saturday afternoon fever. That was yesterday,saturday 18th at the Miami Craft Market. Lately, shows are not the best opportunity to sell as much as online or other shows but the feeling of a different day will say Mastercard is "priceless".
I spent the whole jouney with my daughter, co-pilot and assistant at this venue in what we call a "patio" of a very well adorned Miami restaurant/disco/mini golf/etc. The activity was very neat and programmed by Heather,leader of the Miami Artisans Guild and we meet wonderful people: other sellers and vendors like Valentina and Daniela, I finally met Ngozi and ladies from West Palm Beach to South Africa. We saw a different architecture, different traffic and drivers, hippies, artisans,streets,pubs,and the typical taste of Miami followed us home. I'm so grateful for this day.
I will never forget my baby's face when watching all the new things added to her small memory.

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