Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I finished my last designs for Statement Necklaces

Today was very exciting.After watching last night the Rachel Zoe project until very late hours(everything last night was out of control: from Channel,to Ungaro,LACROIX and of course Galliano) I woke up to a message from my friend and colleague Jenn of my "dailychallenge"team who informed me that the purple tunic made it to the front page as you can see in the left side of this story.
By the way ,take the chance and visit her awesome shops :
Next,adding comments and post to my daily thread of team mates that you can visit too: After that, mail got me good news: the battery packs for my digital camera that helped me as usual to take new pics of my creations.And now a description for all of you interested on them:

Give life to your dress with a statement necklace that it really is one of a kind!
My latest creations,a handpainted peacock on a half moon necklace made form different fabrics:from silks to denim and rustics like tapestry.

Half haute coture,half boho,completely handmade,handpainted and handsewn
I added different beads and tear shaped stones, round swaroski crystals and feather.
My new addition is the painted feather matching the colorful palette.

Ties into a sheer ribbon or a couple of lacy strings or an ivory big strap at the back so you can adjust the length according to your needs.

The necklace is 10" wide and drops 8" on the front.
Colors for fall : wild peacock blue in all the classic tone:, teal,gold royal blue.
Purples and magentas:a must for fall. Harvest dominion: copper,bronze,rust and finally just on time: candycorn themed: orange,yellow,gold.

Wraped as gift in a handpainted white box.
One of a kind design.
On sale tomorrow morning at norakaren

If you needed to match you outfit in any other color please contact me and we will work on the perfect accesory together: your ideas,my art.

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