Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love a good challenge

Now that PR has finished,all my energies are set on creating new designs for shoes.
It seems to be like a common situation for me,that a new concept appears based on a custom order.And this week is not an exception. A very good customer contacted me about some shoes that needed a "makeover".Actually they were brand new but boring. So,
the options given were,first: Cameo shoes with strands of pearls in pink and peach tones.The girl on the Cameo,she wanted wearing a ponytail.
The second pair,featuring her beloved Boston Terriers is still part of my hard work on handpainting but I can't wait so see and show the finished product.
I love being challenge for something totally new and custom orders are always a good start.

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Waterrose said...

Oh those are wonderful!

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