Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What an exciting week!

I 'm more than happy to see my shoes featured on this awesome website on the favorites links page under Valentine's Peacock Shoes,please take a look,those links are so useful.Thanks so much.

My item on the etsy shop for the Haiti Relif sold and I feel all warm for having the chance to
help just a bit in
this desperate situation.

On saturday I had a custom order for Bridesmaids shoes,so leaving the peacock feathers aside for a while the black peep toes are all being designed with pheasant little feathers(the black ones with little white polka dots)
I will post pictures on the weekend.

And I also created a Red Valentine's day and a Pink forever treasury,for my friends and the designers I admire so much on etsy.

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31 everything said...

WOW Nory! Great site feature :) Awesome idea: the Haiti support sale. Congrats! I like all the shoes in your shop right now. You're doing great! :)

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