Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Gloves, Satin painted peacock feather

Wedding satin gloves painted peacock feather glamour
Turning out the most coordinated brides, from shoes to bags and now gloves!
My new collection of hand painted gloves is now available in many sizes for all the Brides.
The peacock feather painted on these stunning gloves is the perfect accessory for Peacock themed Wedding.
Gloves, much like your train and your veil, are considered formal wedding attire. 
The key to the level of formality is that the longer the gloves, the more formal they are.

They come in sizes:
2BL Wristlet or gauntlet (stops at the wrist)
8BL Quarter-length glove(To the elbows) 
12BL Short sleeve (shown in the pictures)
16 BL Opera-length (Right under the armpits).

Available in white (shown) and ivory satin.

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