Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IslandFest was a success!

I think most of the people measures sucess with money. But not me. I think Island fest in Davis Island this past weekend was a sucess in many ways:
*I had the chance to spend all saturday with my sister Vero in a road trip that we never had before!
*I met wonderful artists like Jennifer Hopkins from etsy, who took the chance to write me an email and keep in touch
*the weather was gorgeous
*the island magnificent
*God took care of us traveling in the mist of a foggy route with wild animals like pigs and deers!
*we came back home kicking and alive
*Our families were waiting for us like we were in Europe for 15 days!
*We had a lot of sunlight and sunburn...I look good!
*We ate for free, some sandwiches and really cold water
*We tasted good ice cream
*We related to costumers
*We had lots of small naps!
*We got there at 5 a.m. very early and I was sure it was the right place, but in the other side of the bay
*We saw the sun coming out in that amazing scenery
*We have pictures of how messy our both looked..hahaahh
*We had lots of coffee!
*We travel alone in my loved pt cruiser
*We talked for hours and had fun hearing a very Loud Fake Elvis
*We met Jen, the wonderful lady organizing and 2 gentleman too( I guess one was called Jim)
*We watched many dogs and puppies around the tent
*We fell in love with hundreds of babies that made us remember our own babies!
*We came back with a ton of ideas!
Do you need more? check my flicker for more pics amd you will see...http://www.flickr.com/photos/24119923@N04/


QueenofQueens said...

I'm glad your day was a success! Your booth looks great. Sorry I missed you there. Maybe we'll meet next time!


Nora said...

Thanks Michelley...We will meet soon...I know some shows are coming, probably more in the season like september , october but I'm sure we'll have the chance
Happy weekend!

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