Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Masks for your Masquerade (redundant,I know)

Mysterious courtesan wants to go unnoticed to the Venetian Masquerade Eros Ball,feathers are one of her favorite objects of admiration and silver plume and beads remind her constantly she is royalty.
This designs had been handpainted on a 100% black satin mask. From gold fleur de lis to blue-teal-green peacocks and swans silver feathers.
Completely lined inside. Silver,black and charcoal beads added and Black-emerald toned feathers. Gold beaded flowers and leaves. Peacock tail feathers in iridiscent green and dark browns. Spotted owl feathers and Black crow feathers.


Fern said...

Nory, these are so cool! So fun. I have a feeling they'll do really well :)

Nora said...

thanks Fern
I got a lot of inspiration from many shows and the Venetian masquerade that is actually being recorded this last days and I love them!

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