Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buying in a mood (or color moodboard)and a giveaway

I'm creating a color moodboard to inspire the senses and give us direction for shopping.I don't consider the Holidays a particular time for shopping since anytime is a good time to get that one of a kind creation you always wanted. Even more Christmas is the time to celebrate what we believe as people,individual,friends and family members. I encourage you to post your favorite items linked to the moodboard today,Visit my website for this promotional sale.

Feel free to add your own creations.I can't wait to see them.I will pick a comment or link to a member for a December Giveaway,right before Christmas.And I'm not feeling blue.

Ps. The winner gets the Black and White statement necklace from my collection.


springcolors said...

I'm first? there is an advantage in living in other time zone :)

I love your painted jeans. just my favorite


Shay said...

Great article!

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