Friday, September 3, 2010

Trimirror,much more than a Fashion website.

I found Kaia on Twitter and was soon very impressed by her talent as a young fashionista.

Trimirror and how to receive a good surprise.
Kaia Korbell is one of the bright minds behind, a very original place on the web where you can do a lot more than surf.
It all started with a curiosity to make use of the iPhone or other camera smartphones when shopping for clothes, accessories, and other fun stuff, finding something awesome in a store, but not sure whether it suits? Do these shoes go with that purse, or this necktie with that shirt?...Or, that store has some phenomenal things for great prices and this blouse/shirt/jacket is really cool! And team triMirror wished they could share their excitement about it with others!

And so on... It became an idea to create a place to do just this!
There are many options to browse, ask questions and get answers for Women, Men, Teens, about Shoes, Accessories, Children, Trends, Budget, Blog,
Forums, Photos, Spaces and People. It is totally funny and interesting the way Kaia proposes the comunity a new adventure on every post.You can post your own photo, your favorite look, questions about a new purchase or what to do with that genius item you got at the thrill of the hunt (and now you don't know how to wear it or don't have any matching outfit for it). You get answers, tons of responses from a very nice population that know what they are talking about.

A bit about Kaia
Kaia received her first paying stylist job when she was only 16, has had a love for fashion, dressing up, and styling since she was one year old! Her favorite thing to do as a child was play dress up with her Mom who always took time to look her best in a delicate feminine proud way.
Luckily something that was always a passionate hobby has become her career.
The fact that she grew in a very preppy town (that she really disliked but loved being super feminine always in skirts and heels) helped her form wonderful feminine outfits outside of the preppy realm, relying on lots of vintage inspired looks :)
Her Mom, Dad, and Grandmother, her best friends other than the love of her life, Eric, inspire her every day with creativity.
She is such a people person. This is not a job for her, its fun! She wakes up every day smiling so thrilled to start her day's work! She was raised with passion and she keeps up the good job!
Her advice for new fashionistas is: Don't be discouraged! And don't hold out for the "dream job" They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find you prince, well you may have to scrub a lot of toilets to get to that corner office, but do it! Any job is a gift and will pay off.
Her plans for Trimirror are to continue expanding the website and applications with new exciting interactive features!! to make a community for everyone to feel at home and welcome! stay tuned!
The website just released a new Droid app, and a new iPhone app is around the corner! We are always brainstorming ideas to make triMirror even better! The favorite ideas come from the Trimirror community and friends!

Her favorite places online are Kaboodle as well as heartIFB where the community feel is great! Everyone is so supportive and responsive!
Last but not least I asked Kaia her plans for her personal future and she responded: In the next five years I hope to see myself happy, healthy, working hard, supported by my wonderful work, ready to be a Mommy if not already :) Embracing life's gift with so much gratitude and thanks!

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sandy said...

Congratulations and I know one day you will become the Queen of fashion blogs :)
With Love

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