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Lapisbeach ,unique custom hand knit jewelry.

I met Lauren Hoehn on our weekly forum thread of designers and creative crafters on etsy , she mentioned it as  one of her biggest inspirations that has come from Etsy. The women she met and converse with on a daily basis - are constant inspirations-she added!
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She is the owner of a well known and respected shop where you will find bracelets, rings, cuffs, wedding jewelry and necklaces. All pieces are her original designs and handmade for every client in particular,one of a kind hand knitted pieces for your special event. 
Lapis beach features czech glass beads, semi precious stones, freshwater pearls, and metal elements knit on soft thread or fine wire. 
Her shop was featured in magazines such as THE BALTIMORE SUN in the Fashion/Style Section,take a look  :,0,4327921.photogallery

To get a closer look at her jewelry,designs and her personal life here are some insights I'd like to share with all my blog followers and friends.

Lauren said:  Though I have working on my lapisbeach line of hand knitted jewelry for over 3 years....I just started selling on Etsy last January. Many things inspired me to choose this field:  my life have driven me to the path I am on right now. For as long as I can remember, I have always created "something". I have played in many artistic fields, but every night I would pick up my knitting needles. I always had a knitting project in my lap. I feel very fortunate, as I am a Mom of twin boys to be able to do what I love while being available for them at all times.

 About 4 years ago, I met two wonderful ladies from Canada at an International yarn show. They were selling kits for tubular knitted necklaces. While I loved the concept, the project took me an entire week. I had always designed my own sweater patterns, so I thought about how to design jewelry patterns and lapisbeach was born. I started with bracelets, then added rings, necklaces and even earrings. I used soft fibers and added to my bead mix collections every week. Teh i decided to include wire knits. I still try to develop new patterns and color combinations to keep the lapisbeach jewelry line fresh and unique.

One thing I love about creating my jewelry- is that I can make it almost anywhere. I live in MD (always have)...and I would say the beautiful changes of seasons does inspire some of my creations. I constantly try to add new and exciting pieces to lapisbeach. Almost all of my jewelry is one of a kind. I hand string and hand knit every single item. I string so many beads- they never line up the same way. Every piece is truly a unique piece of wearable art and that sets me apart from the multitude of jewelry designers.

 I am still somewhat new to all of this selling and I still learn something new everyday but if could give some advice  I would tell people to be sure to have good communication with customers (it is so crucial in an online environment), constantly try for better photographs, and listen to advise from those who are willing to give you some. 
In addition to Etsy, FB and twitter, I am fortunate enough to have a few select boutiques that now carry the lapisbeach line. They are local, and so much fun to visit! Maybe one day, I will also have a few boutiques that are out of state.
She is  currently in the process of designing some wire knit pendants to coordinate with her wire works line.She also has a terrible addiction to beads-  always working on new color choices for her clients.

How do you see  Lauren in 5 years? She replied: I truly hope to still be fortunate enough to be creating what I love. I would love to evolve and create a couture line of lapisbeach with precious metals. I would also like to have a lapisbeach "following" & help new sellers with knowledge that I have gained with 5 years experience.
I love what I do. I love what I make, and it gives me a thrill to sell worldwide on Etsy. To think of a total stranger... seeing my jewelry, purchasing it...and wearing my creation somewhere in the world...priceless!

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