Friday, November 5, 2010

I like matchy,matchy!

I remember Heidi Klum ,mentioning to Michael C  on Project Runway, how matchy,matchy was too much,well not for me!
Following some all sparkle snowflakes,swirls and rhinestones until your eyes pop or explode!
Yes,because I like it!
Featured :
Felted coat
Sparkle  headband
Ostrich purse
Champagne flutes
Photo print
Bridal Shoes
Holiday card


sixthirtythree said...

Great post and blog! Loved the ostrich purse, gorgeous! You have a great facebook too. I went through everything. Wow, your pages almost made me reactivate my facebook account!

sixthirtythree said...

Oh yea, I love to matchy, matchy! :)

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