Friday, December 3, 2010

Old 1950's Hollywood Glamour is so in fashion again

There is something so elegant about antiquated styling that it’s impossible to forget what existed not long ago and created a milestone in the Fashion World. I'm talking about the Old 1950's Hollywood Glamour.
Vintage fashion are back,finding treasures that you have been hiding and saving for that particular occasion or even better,that costume and now you find yourself pulling them out of  those dusty boxes  or visiting your local vintage boutique. For the Bridal it is like a new wave of reminiscent accessories and why not gowns and shoes. I have been asked at least five  times in the last year to create shoes inspired in  the Glamour Era.
If you love the 1950's inspired, Old Hollywood glamour bridal Shoes and dresses and the whole theme, you must check out these fabulous and unique wedding shoes.
These designs are  perfect for an outdoor or indoor super elegant wedding going for an old Hollywood glamour look.
The colors are red with gold accents featuring a falling filigree surrounded by gold pearls.A centered cameo filled with roses and a little gold bow with colored pearls. 

On the original super stunning and classy shoe painted with peacock feathers and its eyes on deep blue,peacock blue,turquoise and golden brown,pheasant dyed feathers,a Beckoning Blue Giant Aster and a bird cage with navy polka dots.
Hollywood inspired items could have worn like Marilyn Monroe ,Joan Crawford,Bette Davis ,Elizabeth Taylor,Susan Hayward,Grace Kelly,Sophia Lauren,Audrey Hepburn and such a long list of Femme Fatals. I add many accessories to the mood board so you can get inspiration too.

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