Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Palm Beach etsy team features 2 great crafters!

 Etsy is more than a marketplace: we're a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers.Through the teams,we meet people with common interest and collaborate in several projects,weekly,monthly and yearly.
At our Palm Beach Team we are hosting a promotional week experiment.One day a month all members will be able to post one "ad" in the spirit of getting help and suggestions on improving their Etsy site.

This week the lucky members are : Christina

and DeAnne

I want to take the opportunity to show their wonderful goodies!
So there are my favorites....

Copper, Silver, Mixed Metal Cuff

A double cuff, secured with brass rivets, the bottom copper layer, hammered and bright, the second layer etched with an abstract design inspired by a friends Mehindi designs, then patina'd for contrast. And topped with a bright hammered sterling silver bezel filled to the brim with green resin.

So much going on in this piece, it's bold, it's subtle, its bright, its dark, it flashes, it hides.

and from Christina's shop a 

Calla Lily Gourd Vase

Beautifully handcrafted Calla Lily Gourd Vase. This one of a kind sculpture is crafted from two different gourd pieces to create an elegant art piece for that space on your shelf that needs a touch of nature. 

Take the opportunity to check on this shops,they have stunning pieces of sculpture,art,crafts ,jewelry and much more.

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