Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bridal Shoes painted peacocks, not dyed, WEDDING DATE , I DO

The perfect option for a no-dye pair.
Are you afraid that your satin shoes could stain or the dye might fade under the weather conditions,get wet with snow and get damaged?
I created this pair completely hand painted,there is no dye but paint and a glossy coat to protect them from harm.
Paint never fades or stains your dress.
Shoes must be worn in a good environment and be treated like art,because that is what they are,ART AT YOUR FEET.

I can add the Wedding date,I do and your names too

The submissive peacock in all its splendor struts and open wings filled with green feathers on green and teal,all accents can be modified,like gold instead of purple.
I'd love to create a pair to match your theme.

The shoes had been painted by my hands over the fabric instead of dye to create a textured finish with glittery teal and then I designed the set on a peacock theme with feathers in many green tones such as winter green,shiny green and goldish green,also gold accents and purple centers,with blue tones on the body and wings.

The vamp is gently pleated, and peep toe accenting it perfectly. The curved heel is feminine and elegant and more importantly, comfortable enough to wear from dawn to dusk.
I love these peep toes,they are so classy and dramatic!
They are not necessary just a match a for particular wedding,I can design this shoes for all other bridal events creating an overall theme with your bridesmaids,flower girls,decorations,invitations,etc.
They come in all sizes from 5 to 11 and half sizes too.
Made of satin and fabric upper, 2- 3/4 inch high.

If you want this design on your own shoes or in another style please send me a conversation to check on availability 
They can be customized in Dyeables,Peep toe Pumps Flats and High heels.

These Proud as a Peacock Design are also another example of how white wedding shoes can be customized at your needs or upcycled and look unique,matching your dress,gown,outfit or theme.
They are stunning for a night out,party,wedding or just to stand out of the crowds!

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