Monday, October 25, 2010

Nina Hagen, re born , upcycled.

Last night I was surfing the facebook web and I friend "liked" Nina Hagen and I was!
I remembered how I used to sing her songs in my last year of High School.She was not the girl next door.
She was wearing all that make up and clothing very particular (not for the 80's but for the simple eye.)
To my surprise,I started to read her new album song titles and I was shocked at them and what she wrote about her
 beloved friend and sister Ari Up who passed away recently: "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" to me!!

Now this daughter of God has recieved her heavenly crown !
God has called my beloved sister home and it will take some time for me to heal from the loss of a wonderful sister on earth .
THANKS to JESUS : GOOD 2 KNOW : We shall all REUNiTE again in The Homeland Of The Soul!
My King said : "LOVE! LOVE NEVER FAiLS! "
Jesus Christus spricht : "Ich lebe und ihr sollt auch leben! "
An manchen Tagen fliegen unsere Schutzengel so hoch, dass wir sie nicht mehr sehen können,
aber sie verlieren uns niemals aus den Augen.
On many days our guardian angels fly up so high that we can no longer percieve them,
but they never loose sight of us.
---Jean Paul (poet) 1763 – 1825
" Freue dich und sei fröhlich in Gott, weil du in Ewigkeit leben wirst.
Rejoice and be glad in God, for you shall live forever."
---Hildegard von Bingen (philosopher/mystic) 1098 - 1179
Der Himmel auf Erden ist überall, wo Menschen von Liebe zu Gott, zu seinen Mitmenschen und zu sich selbst erfüllt ist.
Heaven on earth is everywhere where people are filled with love of God and neighbor.
---Hildegard von Bingen (mystic) 1098 - 1179
Gott kann nicht geschaut werden, sondern wird durch die Schöpfung erkannt.
God can not be seen, but rather is known through his creation.
---Hildegard von Bingen (Mystic) 1098 - 1179
Gott ist die Zukunft! God is our future.
---Bettina von Arnim (poet) 1785 - 1859
Ihr sollt sein wie ein Fenster, durch das Gottes Güte in die Welt hineinleuchten kann.
You should be like a window through which God’s goodness can shine through into the world.
---Edith Stein (philosopher) 1891 - 1942
Gott wird ein Mensch, damit die Menschen Gotteskinder werden können.
God becomes a human being so that human beings can become the children of God. ---Edith Stein (philosopher) 1891 - 1942
Gott ist die Liebe. Die Liebe ist das höchste Reale - der Urgrund.
God is love.
Love is the highest reality—the primal foundation.
---Novalis (poet) 1772 - 1801:
It was so inspirational to see this Music Icon to meet the Lord that I almost couldn't sleep.
I started singing songs and designing Shoes in my mind with Jesus Freak written everywhere
What a cool ending for a wonderful weekend. Welcome Nina!
visit her website :

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