Friday, December 16, 2011

Mari's Quinceanera Story

Maria del Mar is turning 15 in a few months,and being that she has spanish origin,she chose her Quinceanera fiesta instead of a sweet 16. Both ideas were good for me,but this one is awesome! I had my own 15 year old party long ago and now I have the chance to plan and design her party in an era when everything is fancier and chic.
You might have guessed right ,since I'm a shoe designer...I'm all fully and deeply compromised and particularly interested in every detail that makes the perfect shoes for my own princess.
Mari has a lot of ideas,so like the pickiest bride or teen,she has a big spectrum of personal accents that she desires to portrait on her shoes,to make them unique and a keepsake to store forever.

Planning a quinceanera takes many months and is not an easy task, but if you plan your quinceanera party (like I'm doing) with plenty of time it can turn into a perfect fifteen celebration. 

So where do you start? Well, planning a Sweet 16, or even if it’s a debutante,homecoming Queen, cotillion or Quinceanera Party, whatever the coming of age celebration is, it is not a difficult job anymore. And I will focus my attention today only on the shoes. 

She has a theme of snowflakes (in Florida,by the end of june...teens are funny!) plus ladybugs on red tones,a turtle on the sole, her name and date on the side ..maybe the date only in numbers? She loves red,so the turtle might be red!!! and of course red tattoo roses at front with lots of bling.
Some ideas I have roughly created are:
This was actually the first intent:
And these seemed to be the first option for a pump.

Then she wanted to make some changes :
Then she saw these rough I created for other Quinceanera,and she liked the idea of the polka dots,giving them a more icy theme:
And then she liked more these peep toe:

That she saw at another shoe that created for a Bride with a lower heel:

After that I introduced a new line of very high heels with a painted aqua sole,although she was happy with a red sole,very Louboutin
Well,I said let's focus again,that is the problem with being the designer's daughter...too many options.
She saw the red soles I created for a Spanish Celebrity:

And she was sure that it was exactly want she wanted but on these sexy peep toes:

Ahhhhh I can breath now again,we are getting back on track.
Let me show you other ideas I draw for different Quinceanera themes:
For the Canadian-American Theme:

For the music lover....
For the glam girl (like me)

For the pink girl...other option for my own party!

I actually sold this design last week..isn't it super cute?

For the Cinderella Theme...and that is it,for today..I don't want to overwhelm you (or myself). 

Next time,....I might show you,the finished product.

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