Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aly's Creation Feather based

Aly Hymel finished her necklace.She is a wonderful artist who displays her crafty imagination on crochet necklaces. Last week she requested some hand painted peacock feathers from me to create new additions to her shop. When she finished it she wrote me back an e-mail saying this: it was great to work with your art, look what I did !! Thanks for sharing your art with me, thanks for inspiring me to create this piece and thanks for being FDL team member!!!

and she added:
One of the trends this year has been feathers, they have inspired me to create several pieces of jewelry, but using what I love, crochet!
When I saw Nora's art I had this idea in my mind that somehow I could combine my crochet with her art , peacock is such a beautiful bird and it means so many great things in different cultures around the world, that reading about it, just made my imagination fly... after feeling the inspiration, this one is the is the result....!

Thanks Aly for all the compliments and I wish you all the best luck and sales with your new merchandise....And with all of you, wonderful bloggers, I share her inspiration and creativity



Thanks to you Nora, my best wishes for your store too and your family and personal life,many success to you, thanks for the time to mention me on your blog and thank you very much to share your art with me. Blessings! :-)

Becca said...

When I saw this necklace yesterday I was just amazed~ I'm always amazed at how wonderful Aly's work is. Nora's artwork is stunning and together~~~ WOW!!!!!!! Great job :)

Laura B said...

Great interview, and beautiful necklace. You have a fab blog too Nora :)

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