Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fall moodboard palette ready

The first one nominated "Realistic " features purples,lilacs,red,wines,dark teal,petroleoum,black.
The everyday colors on the Fashion runway.The Urban rationality and the perfect look leave their stamp on a cool and realistic atmosphere. Neutrals reflect mineral structures.Metallic reflexes provide a modern shine without being flashy. Fabrics: fine threaded and compact.
Graphic patterns with a softer look and larger repeats. Silk and Jersey,not my favorites but the "must haves: provide a feminine contrast. Crystals,yes,my favorites, shimmering metal and varnish ornaments provide spectacular deco effects.
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arden B


Go2girl.etsy.com said...

Nora, this is lovely. Those may just be my favorite shoes so far! I love the colors you used. Beautiful.

Nora said...

thanks Kila
I'm working on the second moodboard for tomorrow morning!

Kara said...

Oh, wow, thanks for putting my bracelet into your awesome moodboard!

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