Saturday, August 22, 2009

The wait was over,Project Runway was finally out in the open

Season six opened as usual with the designers arriving at their flats and letign us know a bit of everybody's life and style. Interesting,Christopher story and style caught my eye from the begining.I didn 't know he was gonna be the winner.I just said it ...awwwwww!!

We met right there different people,youngsters and not too young.
Qrystal the lady with the "sexy plus"side is 41 years old. I guess the oldest and I liked her even when her taste was not the best.
Sixteen designers total: guys,gals,guys with problems,girls from other countries,the American dream,the usual.

Tim Gunn,always charming,tells the designers that they have $200 and to spend at Mood in fabric and stuff, the winning designer gets immunity at the next challenge. (like always)

Little bit of drama with the guy who was a drug addict before,that almost made me cry and made me think in second chances.Interesting. Tim Gunn was there to comfort him,didn't look real but he is so cute.

Ari seemed weird to me from the start and I remembered right there ,this other girl,kind of hispanic and I'm not mistaken from Miami,who had the same crazy ideas in a prior season. No sketching,body involved in creating,just weird. Well ,my knowledge was right and she was off the page .And I'm glad because they always keep a weirdo to add some more "reality"to the reality show.
Tim comments are always the same: "carry on" ," make it work" ," go,go,go" !

Heidi looked awesome.I'm still fantasizing on getting her hair do. Michael Kors, Nina Spanish Garcia and special guest judge Lindsay Lohan who was polite and , she can even talk about fashion and made good remarks!

Top fashion designers were Christopher, Ra'mon and Johnny. Bottom three were Qristyl, Ari and Mitchell.

Can't wait for the next one.In the meantime I watched the same episode again at 1 am followed by "the models on the runaway".Well,only for 10 minutes.It was too much for a day.

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