Friday, August 28, 2009

Drapey against Structured( The second chapter of PR)

Tonight show was something special.If you have been pregnant you know what I'm talking about.
I was 38 years old when I knew for the last time that a baby was on the way.Shocker!
But I'm not Rebecca Romjin and I wasn't there either. The supermodel-actress was the center of the stage with her twin belly shaped body that was in some other time one of my favorites.
I still get the picture of her monstruosity alien styled teal/peacock blue/teal again Xman character,transforming into many possibilities for a mutant.
And the look tonight was created for her or why not any other stylish pregnant lady who wants to be fashion forward even when you look or weight like a whale.
The designs traveled a runway from drapes in about 5 designs,to structured,another 5.
And many weird ones in between. 15 contestants,9 were safe. Christopher from last week had inmunity and from the safe ones I consider a couple of them no too stunning or wearable or even likables.
Logan went for a ready-to-wear,simple black and white ,very similar to anything you can find in the store with the same name mixed with Pea in the Pod.
Prince charming hair cut guy called Nicholas was too boastful and I'm afraid that kind of people has not humility...Tim Gunn would say " it scares me".

Bottom three:
Ra'mon started with a good plan that ended in a Bowling Ball Dress,even the colors were very sporty.Not good.
Mitchel created an overall look for the urban-chic mother to be,not bad idea,awful excecusion.
And Malvin,oh please,too many concepts in a wrong way. I bet he was never pregant,or a woman or even having a pregnant mother,sister or friend,because when you are in that stage you don't want to be "mother Hen".Ugh. He went too far and too literal.He added feathers(see,when something is not right...I love feathers but the way he used them was not appropiate)
The model looked fat, and like carrying a sling,something that she will do but give her time!

Judges were Nina Garcia,as usual,Monique Luhillier filling for Michael Kors, Rebecca and Heidi.

Top Three:
Althea with a gorgeous navy long gown with silver detail,very flattering.
Louise created a lingerie dress in burgundy tafetan. Very cute,tons of detailing.
Sharin constructed a set of a wine colored dress in silk with plies on the top of the "waist" and a superwearble Coat. She was the winner. Good. Nothing surprised me today,everything was safe.

Malvin went home sad,believing his concepts were not understood and they really weren't.

Let's see what next week brings. It seems like a bit of drama. It always starts in the 3rd episode for some reason.

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