Saturday, August 1, 2009

My flickr album was too fat

An it was going to explode or I would need to upgrade and pay for a bigger one.
Something I'm not in the mood to do for now.
So,instead I put together my oldest pictures and designs from 2008 joined in moodboards.
To start: Peacocks.
Creations: Dresses,paitings,t-shirts,necklaces,tote bags,tunics,hoodies,purses,shoes.
Color palette:peacock blue, teal,burgundy,orange,purple,gold,orange,burnt orange,copper,greens,red ,grey,iron,heather grey,black,turquoise,ivory,lilac,royal blue,tan.
Materials: cotton, silk, denim, leather,leathered,canvas,polyester,feathers.

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