Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Something blue after Valentine's Day

Having a Themed Wedding?
These fabulous shoes are handpainted by me,norakaren.
I have many designs available, including one of my favorite art genres, art deco. You've got to see what I can do to believe it.Imagine those great wedding-feet portraits that are so popular now, featuring some of my shoes! What a memory!
Sexy and sophisticated deep blue shiny satin shoes.
My newest design on Deep Blue Satin Shoes.
I absolutely love the peacock feathers and its blue eyes.I hand painted one all around every shoes going all the way from the front and wrapping the heels and they look so unique and stunning.
Heels are 3 1/2" high.
Created for a Nautical and exotic Wedding.On a Dyeable satin high heel wedge, very comfortable and perfect for outdoor events. Simple and sleek, with a hint of glamour, the t-strap is entirely incrusted with rhinestones. Can be dyed in any color. 4" heel, leather sole. 
The shoes had been dyed on a deep turquoise and they have tons of hand painted pearls surrounding peach calla lilies and chandeliers,all this items end the fabulous display on a replica of a 1950's film strip. You can have the shoes designed for you with your own Wedding Theme.I will create a one of a kind shoe that no one else could have and you can treasure it as a keepsake forever.

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