Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gorgeous Designs: Poltock and Walsh

The super-talented duo have seriously impressed me! From featuring a dramatic skirt from their Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 Preview Collection on Loves, to having one of the most beautiful and desired accessories for Summer 2008, the beautifully festooned flower garland, London’s new talents Poltock and Walsh are designers on the rise!
Their Summer 2008 collection was not just dreamy but greatly inspiring. It featured soft beautiful colors, dreamy silky materials, lots of ruffles, and the most amazing must-have flower garland accessory, pictured below. The flower garland was featured on Loves and described as “the most beautiful accessory this summer.” It is absolutely stunning and can be worn over everything. You can have it as a center piece and pair it with a simple shirt or tank top or you can go extra-extravagant and put it over a short dress.
And now Poltock and Walsh are back with their Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 Preview Collection and scoring another Loves space. For the coming season, all eyes will be on the dramatic skirt from their collection, pictured below. The silk skirt resembles a twist of flower ruffles and is in the autumn colors of plum and crimson. You can chose to wear it simple with a black tank top or more dramatically during the evening with high heels. You can purchase the skirt on the fashionable pages of, where it is referred to as the “most gorgeous, envied and ultimately must-have skirt of the moment.” I'd love to create yours with my own hand made flowers.

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