Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Honored again with a new treasury

I studied graphic and Fashion Design in Argentina.Painting and designing is a true passion for me. I owe this to my Father, whose love for life,art and the needed inspired much of what I am today as an artist,person and believer.

In my designs I try to display awesome moments in life, colorful places, creatures and most of all things that inspire me to live and let live a better life. Seven years ago, I came to this wonderful country to work for a fashion designer.She was having very good and ambitious projects until September 11, when she decided to close her business and went back to Domenican Republic. But even with the bad situation ,momentarily, I started painting on jeans at her request with pictures remembering the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center and all who died and gave their lives there. It was a very ambiguous moment. With Clara Victoria, I worked in many artistic mediums and designed her collection for the Montreal Runway, but none activity have satisfied me more than painting on fabrics and canvas.

I started with different materials but I fell in love with jeans (denim , actually, a very loyal fabric). My work is defined by color,shine,glitters and fashion styles. I am constantly inspired by the graphic elements in nature and icons in every new design.
When I met Linda from the masterpiece Gallery of Boca Raton she told me try on canvas, and it worked amazingly!!

You can find me at etsy teams too: I'm a proud member of the FDLteam, MAG:Miami Artisan Guild, Etsyfest team and Hollywood Craft Mafia.On Indiepublic member of Poshmama,Land of etsy,Kawaii,I am a mom hear me roar,Craftymama and How do I get myself out there.My work is displayed at:Orkut.comFlickr:4f's groupTalentdatabase.comRedbubbleSmidge Canada dawanda Europe.

How to:First I choose the image who comes to my mind, maybe from nature, like birds or cities, or memories or maybe from any fashion event that I see. After this I translate this images to paper called "boceto" meaning the idea made real, but only in a simple graphic. Then I start developing my idea on canvas or jeans,and it follows the fabric paint with the glitters.Every painting has between 3 to 5 coats to create the colors I'm looking for. If needed I add glitters at the end and then a clear coat to keep it safe.Fabric paints can't be removed so ...I have to be super careful.Every artisitc piece is original. No copies.All unique even when they seems similar.

Connections:I love to send feedbacks and I love getting them! IN SINTESIS *Fashion Designer since 1992*Worked for trade marks and fashion brands in Argentina and United States*Sketched runways and events*Hand Painted art work on denim ( a very loyal fabric) and canvas are my favorites*Clothing ,shoes and accesories *Blessed in all for the LORD

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