Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here is your place to decide

If you’ve ever spent an hour trying to figure out what to wear, spent hours searching to find the right shoes to go with a skirt your just purchased or have had trouble putting an outfit together (like yours truly), here’s a solution: go to This is a web site where I go mostly to show my unique items,since they love uniqueness.There you can mix and match pieces from hundreds of websites to create a virtual outfit or simple create a clothing/accessory collage. It’s super easy, really fun and a little addicting. To help filter through the hundreds of choices, you can type in exactly what you’re looking (example: brown wedges, blue purse, etc.) and poof! A wide selection of choices is displayed. Just drag and drop what you want from the menu to your work area. If you need inspiration, browse through the multitude of collages other users have created of which, you can also narrow down your choices by selecting a main color. When you’ve finally got your outfit collage together, polyvore creates a link for you to post your creation in a blog or a message board. Take your creation a step further and actually bring your outfit to life. Each item you use is listed with the website link so you can purchase the item for your actual closet. Talk about making dreams come true.

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